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5 Things Not To Forget While Applying For Australian Student Visa

August 30, 2018BY Compass ( 0 ) Comment

Australia has turned into a dreamland for many meticulous students, as it offers highly innovative and advanced study techniques to bring the latent out of the students. Be it in sports or academics, Australia always surpassed the majority of countries. Studying in Australia means the students have options to enroll in the best 8 universities of the world and more than 20,000 courses to opt from to accomplish their dreams.

The primary requirement to study in Australia is having an Australian visa. Filing for an Australian visa is a tough row to hoe as the country has complicated procedures. Candidates require valid reason, proper documentation, and active participation in all. The process is not only time consuming but cumbersome also, which often shrinks the confidence of students. However, the post-application process takes a span of 15-20 days with proper documentation to 3–4 weeks if any interruption occurs.

Things to remember while applying for the visa

  1. Check if the university or college you are applying in is CRICOS registered– All the universities and college in Australia are registered under CRICOS. Save yourself from frauds or getting a fake Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) by confirming the registered universities list online.
  2. Check if you have complied with all the requisite documents to apply for students’ visa – To study in Australia you need to assemble a long document list that is deemed prerequisite by the Australian government. The application should be made at least 12 weeks before the commencement or orientation date of the course.

The basic documentation requirements include:

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)/Admission letter
  • Health (OSHC) and character requirements
  • English proficiency requirements
  • Financial requirements
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement

For a detailed description of students visa application documents, you can click on the link.

  1. Students less than 18 years must support themselves with accommodation that has been approved by the educational provider or must be residing there with family or parents or a relative nominated by the parents or legal guardian, with a good character and age being 21+.
  2. Check Your Visa Application Category

There are multiple visa categories but for students, these 4 are the most important.

  • Training visa (subclass 407) – It is only active if you are invited the country and you are above 18 years of age. It allows you to take part in workplace-based training and this ensures your 2 years stay in the country until you abide by the norms. It takes 3 months of processing time.
  • Visiting and studying – With a visitor’s visa, you can tour around the country. This also allows you to enroll in short-term study programs in the country.
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – It is for those who are graduated from a recognized Australian institute. It has two streams, which allows you to stay for 18 months and 2-4 years. The applicant must qualify under the graduate work stream or post-graduate work stream. Its processing may take 4 months.
  • Student visa (subclass 500) – To take admission in full-time courses, you can apply for this, it ensures 6 years stay in Australia, for the students who have COE from recognized Australian institute and have a minimum age limit of 6 years with proper welfare arrangements and a mandatory health insurance.
  1. Getting a student’s visa would confirm your stay in Australia 90 days before the course commencement. With this, you are also allowed to work in the country for a maximum of 40 hours in a fortnight. This also certifies you the authority to take a dependent with you, who is also allowed to serve with the voluntary services to the country. However, there are certain conditions the applicant and dependent need to abide by.
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