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About our immigration consulting

Since the inauguration of Compass Overseas, the company has continually worked for students and professional by helping, assisting, guiding and letting them achieve their goals of staying or studying in foreign Countries.

Compass Migration and Education Consultant is acting as a ladder of success for thousands of students who are thriving towards their goals of better educational facilities and thus, the better career. Candidates of PTE Academic are given special discounts and guidance for study material so that they can stay in developed countries like USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand for success Endeavour of gaining skills, knowledge and a better life!

We are a team of enthusiast professional with wide experience and references in this field to make the dreams of meticulous students of studying in Australia come true. We make all possible efforts to not let the opportunity run out of your hands due to some visa or loan issues. After spending years in this domain, we have gained enough experience to guide you in the most pertinent way and lead towards a trouble-free way.

We assist you to simplify all kind of visa approval processing, the biggest hurdle, for tourist and students and get it done in the least time. We even lead the process of attaining permanent residency in Australia with a firm approach.

Our Vison

By delivering quality services, till date, we are aimed at maintaining this momentum for those who seek assistance in visa and loan application process. We, with our instant support, are always ready to minimize the procedural complications and get things done in the least time.

Our Mission

To help students in building career through quality study and provide hassle-free immigration services to the rest of our customers. We want to simplify the process of approval of Visa for studying abroad, student loan and reduce costs of PTE vouchers. By offering instant assistance and lead, we are targeting to become the most trusted agency.

Our Services

We assist you in attaining visas and loans to propel your career in the less complicated way.  We even provide PTE vouchers and reference material to make PTA Academics more affordable and approachable. This not only motivates us to make it more manageable for you but also to reduce the stress of going through lengthy processes for the travelers. Determined to continue our services with the same dedication, we try to remain more easily accessible to all.

For the working or non-working citizens, our team provides visa and immigration assistance of top-notch quality.






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