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Australia Visa and How PTE Academic Exam Help you get it early?

August 31, 2018BY Compass ( 0 ) Comment

Being the third world most popular study destination, Australia is visited by a number of students every year. Encompassing the top 8 universities of the world, it acquaints the student with their qualities and focuses on the holistic development of all its students.

Specially prepared for the students, planning to study overseas, this article sums up everything about PTE Academic and Australia Visa:

Why Study in Australia?

The well-versed courses and creative streak in teaching methods are the reasons students prefer Australia to other countries. It provides the best working opportunities to the graduates and postgraduates and hence improving their work quality and manipulating their understanding to let things work more in their favor. Be it work visa, visitor’s visa or study visa, the country has a tough visa acquiring procedure with long documentation list.

Why is Australia Visa Required?

Australian visa is to be acquired for tourism, study and work permit, which need certain documentation to be completed, and this includes the English proficiency test. To prove your command of the English language, you can use PTE. PTE is a single three-hour long test conducted by Pearson to check the English proficiency and is valid for the candidates you are willing to study or reside abroad.

The multiple visa type active in Australia includes which accepts PTE.

  • Student visa (subclass 500) or Former Resident (subclass 151)
  • Business Talent (subclass 132) ,Distinguished Talent (subclass 124), (subclass 858)
  • State/Territory Sponsored  – Business Owner (subclass 160), Senior Executive (subclass 161), Investor (subclass 162) Business Owner (subclass 163), Senior Executive (subclass 164), Investor (subclass 165), Business owner (Residence) (subclass 892), Investor (Residence) (subclass 893)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187), Business Innovation & Investment (provisional) (subclass 188)
  • Skilled – Independent (subclass 189), Nominated (subclass 190)
  • Temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457), Work and Holiday  (subclass 462)
  • Recognized Graduate (subclass 476),Temporary Graduate (subclass 485), Skilled – Regional (subclass 489), (subclass 887)
  • Business Innovation & Investment (permanent) (subclass 888)
  • Residence – Business Owner (subclass 890), Investor (subclass 891)

The Prerequisites of Getting Australia Visa

The basic requirements vary as per the visa type, but one thing that is common for all is the English proficiency test. Visiting a country for any purpose has a primary requirement of knowing their language, lack of which would hamper the communication and would seize the opportunities of exploration. However, for a student, it is mandatory to have command over the language of the desirable country to encourage learning in the best way.

The impressive education pedigree, excellent job prospects, and well-developed living conditions bring back-to-back visitors to the country.

Why Will You Need to Clear PTE Exam or other English Proficiency Tests?

If you are looking to move to Australia for any of the purposes, the documentation requires English proficiency test to prove your grasp on the language and to ensure your English language skills to enhance communication. This makes PTE academic important for acquiring an Australian visa. Communicating with the natives require some proficiency which can only be proved by ELT like PTE Academic.

Why PTE academics over other English proficiency tests?

PTE is the most efficient and convenient English proficiency test and is marked above another proficiency test due to its simplicity and objectivity. It is a few more qualities that are superior, as listed.

  • It’s new, updated, simpler and widely accepted,
  • Fastest test results; just in 5 days,
  • No pre-booking of exam dates required, it offers flexible test dates,
  • Unleash more opportunities to study, work, or immigrate to Australia by marking competency level,
  • Easy and secure test center and evaluation process, and online booking
  • It is a fully automated test while rest relies on manual evaluating procedures,
  • No native-like proficiency required, your accent would work,
  • It can be taken for more than 300 times in a year in over 200 locations worldwide.

The competency level of English language based on PTE academics test results. The score 79 is considered to be superior, 65 as proficient, 50 as competent, 36 as vocational, 30 overall as functional. As a student to get admission in best of the universities or college, you need to achieve the superior score if possible. As the quality of universities has set their criterion and except best score by meticulous students. The PTE Academic is now even accepted for former resident visa programs and temporary graduate, work persons, skilled, tourism etc.

Brief about PTE Academics

It has three main abilities:

  • Listening (45 to 57 minutes)
  • Reading (32 to 41 minutes)
  • Speaking and writing (77 to 93 minutes)

The score for PTE ranges from 10-90 points. The score is valid for the next three years.

The test pattern includes twenty different questions from different formats ranging from MCQ’s to essay writing, explaining and so on.

Depending on this score many of the universities and workplaces has set their eligibility criteria for the candidates. The exam is easy to book through Pearson’s main website, with the least details required, selecting date, center and making payment and achieving the score.

How to get a good score in PTE test:

  • Get to know about the test format
  • Revise using mock test series and practice papers
  • Work on your weak points and attain improvement

Benefits of getting PTE academics:

  • It is valid all over the world.
  • Various practice modules available
  • The result can be attained in five working days.
  • You can buy PTE voucher, which will help you in getting PTE academics at lower price accompanied by smart and relevant reference material to make the journey easier.
  • Even if you are planning on residing in Australia, permanently you require proving your language proficiency and PTE has its validity in that too.
  • It, being computerized, reduces the chances of committing an error and provides the accurate results.
  • You can practice the mock test from the PTE GURUS Platform. Which provide the free scored mock test.

If you are planning to visit Australia for any of such above stated purpose, do not forget to get you PTE score and make sure the score matches your needs. For more assistance on PTE or Australian Visa, you can contact compass overseas for instant support.

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