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Terms & conditions

The company, Compass Overseas, is a subsidiary organization of PTE EDU Services and acts as an agent or representative of their clients who seek visas for various reasons. The company takes cares of operations related to visa and ancillary services for their client or the associated institute. The Terms and Condition is a sort of agreement between “you” (our clients”) and the service provider (Compass Overseas). We shall hold all the right to cancel the services to any of the clients who don’t give consent to our Terms & Condition. All the services offered by us strictly abide by these terms and conditions.


The website, Compass Overseas, has been designed in accordance with both content and technical aspects in order to provide methodological, straightforward, and understanding user interface to all end-users. This set of terms and conditions has been drafted with utmost care and keeping all the aspects of service usage in mind. It is recommended to read them thoroughly before start using any of our services.

By reading this set of Terms & Condition, we intend that you are aware of legal produces and abiding that comes with our services. We also intend that by using or accessing our website or any of our services, you are agreeing to all the clauses mentioned in the terms and condition.

Section 1 – Usage of Website

We reserve the right of all the content, graphics, logos, trademark, layout, design, and info graphics present over the website. The content is developed as per prescribed Indian and International law. Any tempering, ill-usage, and copying of the content by you or any other resources would be considered as illegal and appropriate actions would be taken instantly.

The information provides by our website is true and reliable. However, any sudden change in the visa policy by any of the country will not be taken into account. We are not responsible for the change of the policies.

The website will keep a track of your cookies to provide you with better services. We seek your permission to use the cookies. Denying so might lead to miss some important information to which we will not be responsible.

We reserve all the rights to change, alter, delete, and add the information broadcasted over our website. The same can be done before any prior notice. However, we keep on updating our website time-to-time. You are requested to check our website regularly for your reference. We don’t hold any responsibility if you miss any detail without reading it.

Once you use our website, we intend that you are of allowed age and know the basics of internet and computer usage. Any failure due to lack of the knowledge is not accountable to us.

You shall understand the website may or may not be free from any bug and virus. Though the website has been developed by using state-of-art technology, there are always some chances for virtual attacks. We don’t guarantee you for any malicious activity. You shall understand that you are responsible to take appropriate precautionary measure to prevent this. We shall not be liable to compensate any damage caused by the virtual viruses.

You shall understand that you are allowed to use our website for legal use only. If you find guilty for introducing any malicious technology like Trojans, worms, viruses and logic bombs over our website, the company is accountable to take proper action against you. Furthermore, any unauthorized access will be seized immediately.

Section 2 – Services offered

Compass Overseas offers a Student visa, Visitor Visa, Finance Services and PTEVoucher services through this website. We only provide the desired and required assistance related to these services. Our services don’t provide a guarantee for the admission of any university.

In the case of Visitor Visa services, we are not accountable for any misconduct of the visitor to the respective country. We also don’t have any role-play if the user commits any crime and illegal activity in other countries.

In the case of Financial Services, we are not responsible if the client fails to pay his/her dues.

Our PTEvocuher service does not come with a guarantee of test clearance.

The end-users are accountable for their own deeds and understanding of the services. We hold the right to dismiss change and alter any service at any point in time. The prices of our services are also subjected to change. No claim regarding the change of price will be entertained. We are not liable to any of our customer and third-party service provider to change the prices. It is totally an authorized act controlled by our concerning authorities.

We don’t play any role in deciding the visa fees. You shall understand that visa fees are not a part of our service fees. You understand that you will have to pay the passport fees and visa fees apart from our service charges.

You understand that all these services offered by Compass Overseas are of industry standard. However, we shall not guarantee you for full satisfaction.

Section- 3- Reliability and use of the information

When you avail of any services of our, we seek some personal and confidential details to provide you with the right services. We believe that all the information provided by the user is true to its core and reliable. Any service failure, rejection, or delay in the service deliverance due to incorrect details is not accountable to us. The users are solely responsible for this.

Upon finding any error in information provided by us, we shall obtain the right to terminate the services without any prior notice. No compensation would be provided in that case.  You understand that a part of your information will be used or revealed to third-party service providers to provide you with better service experience. However, we shall not be held responsible for any misuse of your information by the third-party.

You shall understand that you are solely responsible regarding the usage of any third-party link available over our website. Any fraudulent over third-party will not be entertained by us.

You shall understand that only your personal detail will be saved with us. All other bank details are automated encrypted and we don’t have any rights over that. Any transaction failure or extra deduction is the matter to be taken care of by your bank.

You understand that we only ask for your details via our website and e-mail correspondence. The revelation of your information outside this will be your sole responsibility.


 Section 4- Authenticity of the documentation.

The list of pre-requisites documents provided by us is made in accordance with the Indian and international visa laws and procedures. However, we shall not hold responsible for any sudden change of the requisites.

You shall understand that the requirement of the documents is as per the request made. All types of visas demand different documents. We request you to make the request carefully. Any wrong request is not our liability.

You understand that all the documents provided by you are genuine and as per the requirements. Any fraudulent in the documentation and wrong information is not our liabilities. We shall acquire all the rights to decline any application upon finding any wrong per misleading information in the documents.

You shall understand that you are responsible for delay caused due to improper or incomplete information. Also, you are accountable for all the hassle caused due to fake or wrong documentation.

Compass Overseas endeavor its best to provide world-class services, any loss, damage, and misplacing of any document during the course of visa processing is not our responsibility. The applicant should bear the expenses regarding the same.

Section 5- Fee and discounts

You shall understand that the visa fee differs from country to country which is also highly subjected to change. Compass Overseas shall not be held responsible for differences between two visa fees. The respective country reserves all the rights to decide and alert the visa processing fees.

You shall understand that visa fees are non-fundable and non-transferable. In case of the rejection of your visa application, we are not liable to pay your back the consultant charges well as visa process fee. The approval and rejection of your visa application are not under our jurisdiction.

You shall understand that all discount coupons come with an expiry date. Any claim made after the expiry regarding the redemption of the discount coupons will not be taken into account.

You shall understand that discount coupons are non –transferable and can’t to convert into money. They are only applicable to utilize against our services.

Section 6- Governing law

All the legal disputes between the user and the service provider will be resolved under The Information Technology Act, 2000 government and per the legal regulations.

As per someone knowledge, the website, or company has infringed any intellectual property right then we seek the supporting proof for than validation of the claim. We will take appropriate actions and immediately remove the content from the website.

Section 7- Disclaimer

You are responsible for any loss, damage, and misuse of information while using this website. You shall understand that you should use this website at your own risk. Any failure of the service, and transaction due to software downfall or any other technical failure is whole solely liable to the user only. Any claim made for a refund and return due to above-mentioned factors would not be entertained. You comprehend that any delay and cancellation in visa application due to technical issues are not our responsibility.  Hereby, any claims made regarding the same will be quashed immediately without pouting this into your knowledge

Compass Overseas work as a legitimate visa agent. By availing our services doesn’t guarantee you visa approval. It is not a government organization and operates under private management. However, all the actions and procedure strictly follow the Indiana and International visa laws.